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Bernese Mountain dog Questionnaire


Please copy and paste into your email and send to newfoundlanddogs@xplornet.com


Bernese Mountain Dog Compatibility Assessment


To assist us in placing a Bernese/berner with you, please provide the following information:


Name(s) (Please indicate all names if joint ownership):


Address of Principal Owner (where dog will reside):




Postal/Zip Code:


Home Phone:





E-Mail Address:


How many family members and others are there in your home?



Children and Ages:


Do you have a fenced yard?


Please provide a brief description of other animals in your household.

What are you currently feeding your other dog/dogs?


Why do you wish to buy a dog at this time?


Why do you want a Bernese as opposed to any other breed?


Do you own or rent your home?

What type of house do you have eg bi level, bungalow, will the puppy have stairs they need to climb?

Are you willing to put up baby gates?



Do you prefer a male or female?


Are you willing to have the pup spayed or neuter within the first year?

Male_____ Female_____

Please describe the “personality” you are looking for in a Bernese


Have you had a Bernese before? If yes, please describe him/her and provide CKC information. If more than one previous Bernese, please indicate how many and describe the last one.



Full CKC Name: ______________________________________________________

CKC Registration #: ____________________________________

What experience do you have with dogs, specifically with raising puppies?


During a typical day, how many hours would the puppy be left alone?

Will there be someone available to feed/exercise the pup during the day?

Where will the Bernese be at night?





Do you have a regular puppy/dog sitter for times when you are away (holidays, etc.)?



Do you have any life style traits that may impact upon the caring for a Bernese? e.g. are you out of town a lot?



Please provide the Name and Telephone Number of your Veterinarian.

Veterinarian’s Name: ___________________________________________________

Practice Name: _______________________________________________________

City/town: ___________________________ Telephone #: ___________________

When are you wanting a puppy?


________now________________spring _____________Fall

Do you plan on having the bernese live outside?


Have you ever taken a pet to a pound/shelter? If yes, what were the circumstances?



Do you plan to use this puppy in a breeding program?


Have you ever bred puppies of any other breed?


Have you read any books on Bernese or about dogs in general?


Will you travel to pick up your pup?


Is there any other information you can provide us that you think may be helpful?




Thank you for your co-operation. This information will not be used for any other purpose than to help us in selecting the right puppy for your family .